Monday, July 2, 2012

TOAD.. Fondy road race

So it was to be this year that I did my first tour of Americas dairy land road race, a four lap race that equaled 40 miles. I took off of work and headed down to Fond du lac. When I got there I was pretty nervice as I don't do many road races, but once the race started I was fine. The race started pretty slow and it windy so I tried to stay near the front on the corners. The first two laps were carbon copies of one another, hammer the corners and hills and take it easy on the straights and know what way the wind is going to be coming from on the next corner. Lap three started out the same until we got to the hills. I over geared one of the hills and found myself shot out the back of the group, I played it cool though and waited for someone behind me to pull through to pull us the rest of the way back to the group. Once we got done with lap three I wasn't really sure what to expect from lap four and I told myself to be extra alert for crazy stuff. The first half of the fourth lap was fine but the start of the second half I found myself off the road more than once and I hit a biiiiiig! pot hole that you'd think I would have saw before the fourth lap. The last mile or two of the race sucked. I was boxed in, people were getting jumpie and at that point I just wanted to get to the finish with all of my skin still on my body. When we got to the finishing climb which was about 1/4 mile long I was still on the right side of the road (boxed in) but as people started making there moves I moved to the left and made mine, by the time I saw day light I wanted to get as far away from those jumpie roadies as I could. I put in a huge effort and kind of surprised  myself when I started pulling away from the group and only saw four riders ahead of me. Buuut I burned out a little to early and two guys caught me right at the line so I settled for 7th. They paid out 10 deep in the race so I even got some cash!

Now, back to the trails!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tennessee 2012

Three days of riding in and 160 miles so far. The first day started out pretty chill, nice easy pace. When we got to cades cove, a seven mile climb it started to hurt a little bit, but over all not to hard of a day. Day two we headed for the top of the world climb. Top of the world starts out with two miles worth of steep switch back climbing. After that I took the guys on what was supposed to be a loop of climbing on tower road, but it turned out to be a dead end of very steep and rough climbing. Good times! After descending tower road we headed the rest of the way up top of the world. The second part is longer at six miles but there are spots to recover that make it easier than the first section. What goes up must come down and after all that climbing my legs welcomed the few mile decent down foothills parkway. Day three the boys did a longer dancing bear loop, I went shorter and did the day one ride adding webb and lovers road.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Thursday, July 21, 2011

changing gears

It's been awhile since my last post, I feel like I say that alittle to much. With the knee problem not getting better and not being able to train on the bike I've decided to switch gears and hit the hard road RUNNING. The knee doesn't show any signs of weakness while running and with running really being my first love it works out alright I guess. The past few years have been hard on me with the biking knee problem which is still yet to be figured out and the running knee problem which is the IT band that I've been able to keep under rapes here for the past 6 weeks or so. Not to long ago I found myself at the doctor telling him if I could just have one or the other I'd be alright. Well no thanks to the doc, it seems running has gone on a bit of a flyer and the biking has taken a bit of a back seat for the time being. With that said as of now I do plan on racing ore to shore with what little bike fittness I have in ealry august. As for running I am planning to run a half marathon september 4th in green lake with a few 5k races before september for prep.

Training pictures and results to follow.

Keep riding!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Bonk of the year

So the day after Iola I rode my bike to work. I wasn't feeling to sore or tired so I figured why not. I made it to work no problem, felt good. Work ended, I started riding home and out of no where BANG. My legs just go dead and my stomach is telling me to get some pickles. really pickles? yes pickles. When I bonk I start craving food like a pregnant woman and that day it was pickles. That has to be the craziest bonk ever, who bonks riding home from work.

thanks for reading

Iola race report

So I am back and racing, ya! After taking a year off to work on the house it seems as though I haven't missed a beat........... Iola still chews me up and spits me out. It may be a fitness thing? : ) Alright lets get to the race already. Sunday was windy and cold, to cold to be trying to warm up for a race in spandex, so I compromised. I warmed up with my team bike hub/specialized jacket annnnnnd a winter jacket over that. After warming up I waited in my car until right before the race started. GOOOOOOOOOO and just like that the 2011 season was under way. My plan going into the race was to lay back a bit and not blow up on the first two laps . I got through about a lap and a half before I caught up to fellow teammate Erin, who had no idea I was behind him until I started yelling at him about how much of a sandbagger he is. I think it was the next hill, still right behind Erin that I tip over into the brush. geee heck, ya know. One second I am making fun of the guy a head of me and the next I am laying in some sort of pokie bush trying to get my foot unclipped from my peddle. It took me about a lap to get back to where I was in the world. With about half a lap to go something clicked and I mustered a decent kick to finnish off the first race of the year. I think I ended up around 50th out of 108, I should be able to work on that before my next planned race in early June.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Townsend TN

There can't be to many people in this world that miss Townsend Tennessee. But I will admit I am one of those few that do. I was there for nine days and getting into a routine of waking up late, drinking coffee, watching river monsters with Jeremy Wade, riding my bike in the smokies, and living with four boy friends in the coolest A frame ever. It got to be a way of life...... A life I could get used to. Going into the week my highest weekly mileage was 20 so I wasn't hoping to keep up with the big boys who mustard around 340 miles on the week I was happy with getting just over 170 not to mention making a good push to the top of the grand daddy of them all CLINGMANS! 20 miles up equals two hours of climbing and 20 miles down equals 45 mins ha! that was fun. The trick I used to get me through the week with the bad knee was a combo of drugs, river soaking (with the river monsters), and stretching. I hope I can find a way to ride with out the drugs but It's a start. Can't wait for next year!